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We are specializing in Systems / Networks / Security

Support Services Price list

Hardware or Software Support​ € 50 00 Hour
  • PC Related problems – Windows / Linus / Mac OS
  • Server Related problems – Windows / Linux / Unix / Synology DSM
  • Servers – File Server / Email Server / Private Cloud Server / Accounting server / Remote Access Work @ Home Server
  • VMWare ESXi Virtualization Server
  • Medical LAB Server / Medical Radiology Servers (PACS)
  • Network Setup / Routers / Switches / APs / Firewalls etc.
Click Here to get a quotation All of the above can be supported if existing or Setup from scratch. Popular

If you see your IT too often then something is wrong.

If you have networking or other system related problem too often then something is wrong.

If they tell you that what you ask is not possible it may be true but if they tell you is not possible every time you ask for something then something is wrong.

If you pay for annual support and every time you have a problem they blame it on something such as a virus and they charge you extra then something is wrong.

If you have annual service and support agreement in place the everything should be covered no matter what.